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    A fantastic site - Review about Flirty Moms

    I met my future wife on this site

    Easy to use

    Expensive in the long-term

    Good if you can get in - Review about My Seductress

    I started visiting here, and I've met a few ladies, who I would dearlly like to continue talking with. Unfortunately , for some reason I don't seam to be able to get back on here, even after paying the fees asked of me. I'm now going to try to find a more reliable site

    A great variety of people looking for sex or dating contacts, all with their own introductions, and usually a picture

    This site does not seam to be l iked by the network, and so keeps being blocked from answering my messages.

    Ghood - Review about Our Secret Chat


    Costel645 - Review about Our Secret Chat



    Our secret chat - Review about Our Secret Chat

    Do not spend any money on this site fake profiles you will get 100 responses a day all fake no one will call you I spent at least 40 pounds

    Get a few naked pictures doesn't really do it for me

    Don't like anything from this site

    Con job - Review about Our Secret Chat

    Had a look at this site and put in colonsay if there that many girls on this tiny island never mind good looking ones I am the pope .Total crap

    Good imagination

    Total con

    Absolute Con - Review about Our Secret Chat

    What a waste of time and money, site is full of bots taking your credits so called contacts cant even spell the local towns they say they are from, guys dont waste your time or money!

    Lots of fun - Review about Shag Slags

    This site is FUN!. There are lots of women chatting with you. Sometimes the talks get very private. Last week, the girl I was talking to, send some pics of her in bed, while his husband was sleep. That's crazy. Of course, I've sent some pics back. I am planning to meet her next week for the first time. Let's see if she is real. So far 5 Stars Shagslags. :D

    Many girls available

    Good Site - Review about Shag Daily

    I was very happy with the dating site. You find many girls to chat and flirt with and that's all I need. The site is very fun and it cost nothing to join. Everyday after work, I go home and start chatting with some chics. Some of them are actually very lovely.