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    Total and complete Con

    Talked to so called women only to be encouraged to keep buying credits, but mention meeting and get told they're safe & comfortable using this site. They would be as they get paid to do what they do, they must be horrible people to prey on those looking for a relationship to help make their lives better. Total scum.


    Paying money to be conned

    Good if you can get in

    I started visiting here, and I've met a few ladies, who I would dearlly like to continue talking with. Unfortunately , for some reason I don't seam to be able to get back on here, even after paying the fees asked of me. I'm now going to try to find a more reliable site

    A great variety of people looking for sex or dating contacts, all with their own introductions, and usually a picture

    This site does not seam to be l iked by the network, and so keeps being blocked from answering my messages.

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